Patios and Paving

Patterned Patio with spotlighting

Revo Landscapes transformed an existing patio, the shape and dimensions of which were already set by the retaining walls. Steven designed two interlocking cobblestone semi-circle arks cutting across the patio to break up the mass of paving slabs and number of spot lights were then set in the semi circles.

Interlocking patio pattern
Floral patio pattern - close-up

Another, smaller patio is to the side of the above. To make the area feel larger, the retaining walls on either side of the original steps were replaced with large sweeping steps, and a bespoke floral pattern was cut and laid to shape.

Floral patio pattern

Circular Patio Area

An example of a natural stone circular patio, situated away from the house in the sunniest position in the garden. Perfect for a small table and chair set.

Circular Patio

Patio on sloping ground

A difficult site to work with as the ground sloped away from the house. The clay soil caused the ground to slide away from the home, resulting in the original patio and steps shifting several inches.

Patio on sloping ground

To overcome this, extensive footings were dug along the fence line. Large concrete blocks were on laid on the footings to raise this side of the garden, allowing for the patio to be laid level.

Patio on sloping ground - work in progress

Rear Patio with Pergola

Close up of patio area

A seating area using concrete flagstones was created under this pergola. The cobble stones used to edge the lawn are a concrete imitation, specially designed to match the colour of the flagstones.

The materials used here are within a very reasonable price range, but still create a harmonious feeling of quality.


Paving with Raised Beds

This is a long and narrow rear garden, which drops down significantly in level from the road above. A division within the garden was created by putting a kink in the pathway, creating the illusion of a wider space.

The pathway is constructed of concrete flagstones laid as stepping stones amongst Cotswold shingle and edged in a contrasting paver.

Patio with Raised Beds

Outside Dining Area

The above pathway leads into this solid paved dining area, where the use of a recessed manhole cover provides the opportunity to create a pleasing blend with the finished paving.

Outside dining area

Rear Patio

An uneven old patio was replaced with new paving slabs and a step. The step was built in red brick as to easily identify the rise in level for an elderly person.


The red brick retaining wall disguises an unsightly manhole cover, access to which is still possible by sweeping aside the stone chippings.

Retaining wall disguising an unsightly manhole cover

Front Patio

A small front terraced garden, which has been constructed using natural stone paving and finished with a trellis barrier.

Front Patio

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