Ponds & Water Features

Small pond with waterfall

Local stone was used to edge and retain the ground behind this pond. The waterfall was built into the rockery with a small pool at the top feeding the flow of water.

Small pond with waterfall

Pond with waterfall and rockery

As can be seen in the photo, there are two levels to this garden. The soil excavated from the pond was re-used to raise of the top level, where the waterfall appears to start underground.

This was achieved by constructing walls to retain the ground behind and to the sides of the waterfall, the a large natural stone slab was laid on top. The water then creeps down through the rockery into the large pond.

Pond with rockery

Wide area view of the pond

Raised Pond

This garden has a large incline thus making the creation of a pond rather difficult. The solution here was to build a curved concrete block wall faced with a Cotswold Stone wall.

Both the walls were then capped with large pieces of Cotswold Stone, completing the covering of the concrete block. The ground at the far side slides down into the pond which makes it particularly good for wildlife.

Raised pond with stone walls

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