Solving an accessibility problem

This house originally had a set of very steep and unsightly, concrete steps from the road up to the front door, which were extremely difficult to negotiate with a pushchair.

New steps were created over the existing ones using landscaping sleepers, which were where cut to size and pinned in place to face the concrete risers. They where then finished off by capping with slabs.

Stairway make-over

A second set of steps were then carved out of the grass bank in front of the house in a sloping curve out to the right and back, meeting the first steps at the front door.

These had large sloping treads and small risers, making it easy to get a pushchair up and down. The retaining walls were constructed from landscaping sleepers, enabling them to be built both above and below ground level.

Large Sloping Steps

Wide Steps

These steps were created using new landscaping sleepers.

The gravel strip at the base of the first step acts as a drainage channel for rain water from the existing patio, which slopes towards the steps.

Gravel was also used behind the sleepers to create a wider tread, and a new patio and lawn were laid beyond the steps.

Wooden Steps

Contoured Steps

These where built over the top of some existing uneven concrete steps. To even out the rise in each step an extra one was added and they were narrowed from the originals, to allow more space between them and the house. The steps are faced with red brick (in keeping with the house) and in filled with slabs cut to shape.

Contoured Steps

Sleeper Steps

A small paved seating area was created on top of this rockery, with steps made from old railway sleepers.

To incorporate the existing pergola into the new design a curved stairway leads down from the paving to it's base, thus access to the raised area involves walking through the pergola.

Steps with Pergola

Brick Faced Steps

Originally the steps in this garden where of an uneven depth and tread, making them difficult to descend, especially for an elder person.

To make the depths equal and keep them shallow two extra steps were added. As you can see, they are all now of even depth and tread.

Brick Steps

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