Natural Stone

Stone Well

This old well is situated beside the main pathway leading up to a quaint thatched property. Originally a hole in the ground with a metal grill over it, the well was built up using Cotswold Stone.

The inner course of stone has been mortared in place for strength, whilst the outside has been laid dry. Large flat pieces of stone have been cut and laid on a bed of mortar to cap the top.

Stone Well

Retaining Wall Repair


The original section of this retaining dry stone wall was collapsing and had to be rebuilt with a concrete block wall constructed behind it, for added strength.


Natural Sandstone

An example of natural sandstone paving laid as a patio, below a small Cotswold Stone retained wall with steps.


Dry Stone Wall Repair


This was the reconstruction of approximately three meters of collapsed dry stone wall capped with concrete.


Wall with Ledge

Due to the extensive excavation of the land in front of this dry stone wall, the footings had become exposed. As a solution to this problem, a smaller wall was constructed in front of the footings.

The void created behind the newly erected lower wall was filled with concrete and then both wall and concrete were capped with natural stone slabs, which were individually cut and tapered to size.

Wall with ledge

New Side Wall

Here Revo created a dry stone wall on top of larger foundation stones. The foundations were original, but had to be reset to retain the neighbouring land. The reverse side of this wall is depicted in the picture below:
Dry Stone Wall, reverse side

Dry Stone Wall

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